Whisper's Corner Awards

I have to say wow, cool, and Thanks!  It is a great honor to have received these site awards!
Please stop by and take a look at their sites - they are wonderful!!!



Golden Web Award

I received this is a wonderful woman ~ my heartfelt thanks Patches!

This too cool!  Thanks Candace!

Thank you Jessles!  I am honored to have received this award.

This is a nice surprise!
Thank you Julie!

I am honored! Thank you Nakia!

Wow!   This one came out of the blue!  Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for this nice surprise!

Ok so who nominated me for this award?  Thank you - whoever you are!  :o)

Thanks Flo!  This is so sweet!

Thank you very much Melissa!

Ronnee I am so touched by your kindness!  Thank you!

I have no idea who nominated me for this award but what a wonderful surprise - thank you so much!



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