Hello and welcome to my Divine Diva pages.  I am Diva Whisper.  I hope you are enjoying your stay at my site.

I joined The Site Fights and had met many great people.  One person in particular - Fae Artemis aka Diva Robin.  She asked for my help with a new webring that she was starting - Divine Divas of the Web.  I was happy to help in anyway I could and the rest is history.

So you want to know what Divine Diva is all about?  Well that is easy.  It is all said in our creed.....

From Earth's Farthest Reaches
Forged From Diversity
Finding Solace Together
We Stand As One

We strive to bring together the women of the web, to make friends, to lend strength and support to one another, and to celebrate the wonders of being a woman.

Together we can and will make this world a better place to love and live in.

Are you interested in becoming a Divine Diva?

We would love to have you join us.....

Thank you Lady Emerald Myst!  This is so sweet!

Wow!  Thank you Diva LittleTreeFrog!

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