Well I have been told that I have nothing on my web site about me.  I thought that the whole site is about me!  So I thought that I would just stick a little bit in here - to appease those who have asked.  Heehee!


I was born and raised in the Los Angeles area.  (And probably will never leave!)  I am 36 years old.   Have been married to the same wonderful man for 16 years now.  And we have two great boys, ages 8 and 12.

I am a full time mom.   And believe me - it is definitely a full time job!  But I am also lucky enough to be able to have interests outside of momhood.  One of my main hobbies is pottery.   My grandmother received a kiln for her birthday.  So we are having a lot of fun playing with that.  Maybe I should put some pics on of my work?   hmmmm.......I will think about that!  I also love to cook.  That was what sparked my interest in making a web site.  I love to share my recipes and try out new ones.  So if you have a few - don't forget to send them to me!


I am also very involved in both my son's Cub Scout Pack & Boy Scout Troop.  I have met some great people and really enjoy seeing the boys having fun at something that I have had a hand in putting together.  Of course I couldn't let them go without a web site so......I designed and maintain a site for them also. 


Well I guess that is enough.  Kind of boring actually!

Be good to each other and be good to yourself!

Thank you all for taking time to stop by

and visiting my little piece of the web!


This midi was written specifically for me by my friend DiscoVet.  It is titled "SpirituallyBlue".



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